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About Samuel

Samuel has extensive experience in trust and estate matters, including transactional and litigation concerns as well as guiding clients through Trust and probate estate administration.

In addition to his legal experience, Samuel previously worked as a life insurance agent, registered investment advisor, and compliance officer for a Fortune 100 company.

Samuel’s background in the drafting of estate plans, along with his experience in Trust and estate administration and litigation and the insurance and financial planning arenas, allows him to evaluate his client’s situation in a holistic manner that examines not only their short-term goals, but also to identify – and avoid – potential roadblocks in his clients’ long-term plans.

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A simple Estate Plan that provides instructions for the distribution of your assets


A flexible and powerful Estate Plan that can be customized for your goals and objectives

Charitable Planning

Create a lasting gift that benefits the organizations and community you support

Asset Protection

Build a strategy that provides guidance for your children, grandchildren, and more

Powers of Attorney

Prepare a safety net for your financial world that matches your personal values

Advance Medical Decisions

Retain control of your medical choices when you are unable to speak for yourself

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